Logo History

The official emblem for the Route 66 Car Club of Flagstaff previously was the
standard U.S. Highway symbol for Route 66 with the words Car Club inscribed
across it. Around 1990-1991, we became aware that another car club near Chicago
was using a similar emblem.

A committee was formed; comprised of Kaye Roper, Dick Weaver, Gail Tever and
Ken Starr. That committee designed the emblem we use today. Ken Starr worked in
the graphics business and, according to Dick Weaver, also designed the current
National Street Rod Association emblem.

The copper color of the state is indicative of our state’s color owing to it’s being the
“Copper State”. The turquoise border indicates a gemstone found in abundance
around Arizona. The Route 66 sign is perhaps the most familiar road sign in the
history of our country. Our club proudly sits astride the old “mother road”. The old
road route and city stops were inspired by the “Eagles” hit Take it Easy written by
Jackson Browne & Glen Frey. And finally, the words Car Club are plated in
chrome,that “precious” metal many of us have in abundance on our cars.

Our car club emblem definitely is unique and stands out wherever we go. The
committee did an outstanding job and we benefit from being able to proudly display
our Route 66 Car Club of Flagstaff emblem.